Return Policy:

In cases that are exceptional we take back the part and give you your money back. Your pay shipping both ways. In the case the return is our fault then we pay return shipping. For instance you buy an assembly and 6 months later you decide you don’t want the part. In this case I’m afraid the part is yours. Let’s be reasonable with one another and we both come out treated fair. The part is sold “AS IS” and you will be provided a picture of the part before it is shipped.


We prefer your check or Western Union. We will take credit cards later once we get set up, BUT you pay the credit card company transaction fee. The total cost of doing business need not be passed on to you, but we need your cooperation.


This is real work that takes time and effort. All items will be packed and cushioned for safe travel to your address. Packing materials and handling along with are on us. You will pay the exact amount of shipping of the method you choose. Shipping is not a profit center for us. Shipping will happen when we receive your payment in full. In cases you want to pay over time we can make arrangements you pay with no carrying charges.