The parts for the first gen 63-65 Riviera is new, but we are not new at all. We are a collective of used Riviera OEM parts suppliers most qualified to get you what you need or want. The parts for first gen Rivieras go back 40 years of continuous collection of parts. Our parts collection does not everything. For instance, engines, transmissions, rear ends, frame, and most consumables we do not stock. Fenders, hoods are available on exception basis. The knowledge of the parts comes from some of the most experienced parts suppliers on the USA.

In addition to parts we offer powder coating, turbine restoration, logos/emblems, wire wheel cover sales, Dash Pad recovering for 63-65 Riv’s. Buick 15” wheels for 63-65 Riviera cleaned, media blasted, and powder coated are also available. All work is done inside in my shop in central Maryland. The only exception is double chrome plating of 2 blade spinners are sent out to the metal finishing shop. Thin coat ceramic application is also available. We do our best to provide the best to the Riviera community. Our effort is aimed at earning your repeat business with good parts, fair pricing, and exceptional customer service.